Graphic Printing Services are a privately owned graphics and exhibition display company based in Croydon, Surrey.
The company produces large format display graphics, portable display systems, banner and a range of interior and exterior signage.
The company recycle its paper,cardboard & packaging and is involved in a programme to recycle the Ink Cartridges used on the Large Format
Printers used within the company.

In November 2008 the company (then operating as HTi Ltd.) was awarded an Envibe award for being able to demonstrate that the
company was operating a recycling and environmental policy and the building with which GPS operate in is as energy efficient as possible.
Compliance with environmental policy

Criteria set out in this policy statement are compiled with the agreement of the managing Director and staff of GPS Ltd.


The environmental policy of GPS ltd. applies to direct environmental impacts from operations of the company and the company’s work at
clients premises.

Elements of policy

  • Ensure compliance with the environmental legislation codes of conduct relevant to operating a graphics
    business in the United Kingdom.
  • Reduce further the water sent to landfill through recycling packaging and printer cartridges.
  • Commitment to conduct annual reviews and, as appropriate, update environmental policy to ensure it remains consistent with the
    services provided by GPS Ltd.
  • Increase awareness among management, staff and suppliers on environmental issues, including measures to minimise adverse
    impacts such as management of waste, procurement of supplies and travel.
    GPS Ltd. recognises that the three main environmental areas in which our business has any adverse impact on the environment is from
    the generation of waste, use of energy travelling to clients and deliveries made by our suppliers, Also relevant are how we use water and
    choices for procurement.

Action taken already to minimise any adverse environmental impacts, promote energy efficiency and manage waste include:

  1. Reducing waste through recycling paper, card, plastics and packaging.
  2. Recycling of all printer and toner cartridges, correct and safe collection and disposal of unused, waste inks.
  3. Using a green energy tariff when possible.
  4. Using and making available where possible a selection of materials that are either made from recycled materials or can be recycled or a combination of both in the production of a selection of our services.

Management and staff are committed to improving performance in our company both from financial savings and contributing to reducing our
business impacts on the environment. There is willingness to take timely and appropriate action to increase awareness and knowledge about
environmental issues among directors and staff, We constantly seek alternative materials to use for our production requirements.

Regular contact with suppliers has kept our business up to date on new recycled or recyclable products available to us.